Poem written by Steve for his brother Gary


So Bro I thought I’d take you for a wander

Down memory lane to take a ponder

Our favourite things from a happy place

To put a smile upon your face

Saturday mornings we munched our toast

Whilst watching Battle of the Planets and Rentaghost

Blue Thunder, Fall Guy, Airwolf and Rocky

We never did find out what the hell was Chocky

Johnny Ball, Johnny Bravo and Johnny 5

Scoffing Ricicles, playing asteroids, watching Going Live

Swap Shop, Tiswas , no.73 and Crackerjack

Cheggars and Wacaday, we wanted them back 


Bro you often cried in such a paddy

Especially when I learnt new moves from Big Daddy

We loved arcades but it could end in sadness

When we ran out of money for marble madness

I remember us at grandparents loving the hype

Wearing grandpas flat cap and trying to smoke his old pipe

Grandad made us laugh by calling Mum, Nan and Aunty “ducks”

When asked why he called them that he said “they talked too much”

We had TV wars, many a fight, mine in colour, yours in black and white

The only time we would stop our fights

Would be to eat pacers whilst watching the box of delights


6 weeks holidays, out the door after toast

On our Rayleigh burners armed with jumpers for goal posts

When Mum said be back by dark, she wasn’t being mean

She just wanted to ensure we didn’t miss Knight Rider and the A Team

20p for ice cream, 10p to make a call

Looking forward to Bulldog on Monday back at school

Our 80’s Christmas mornings and presents were the best

Dad with his video camera amongst all the mess

Evil Knievel, Spirograph, Mr Frosty and Big Trak

Tears when I got in trouble for nicking your Hacky Sacks

Running to Mum shouting “I’m gonna tell”

Because one of us wrote “Boobs” on a speak and spell

Playing with Scalextric like we were at Le Manns

Pretending to look as cool as the Fonz

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