She is. A personal peom written by Daniel Jeffreys about his wife Caroline

She loved, she climbed, she praised, she cuddled


She fussed, she worked, she created, she muddled


She made us all laugh with her wicked sense of humour


She remained so loyal and forsook false rumour





She baked, she swam, she played, she honoured


She punched, she puzzled, she travelled, she mothered


She could, when she chose, be a fearsome opponent


She could, without trying, take your breath in a moment





She danced, she ran, she cooked, she smiled


She laughed, she cried, she shouted, she beguiled


She helped all she could without whimper or whim


She gave with her soul, from her heart, from within





She pondered, she questioned, she understood, she walked


She cradled, she wowed, she drank, she talked


She loathed arrogance and ignorance in equal measure


She made loving her simple, an addictive pleasure











She believed, she dreamed, she encouraged, she inspired


She learnt, she comforted, she joked, she admired


She stuck by her principles with passionate spirit


She loved without question; every second, every minute




She graced, she improved, she nurtured, she moved


She focussed, she preened, she tottered, she soothed


She believed in herself with dedication and pride


She made a home, made a family and stood side by side




She trusted, she organised, she cared, she prepared


She bonded, she relaxed, she conquered, she dared


She filled us with hope, that we can be better than we are


She is just around the corner, she’s near, not far




She fought, she battled, she cried, she tried


She is, she was, she lived, she died


She’s a wife, she’s a daughter, she’s a mum, she’s a friend


She is still very much with us, from now till the end.


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