Simon Bridges


After this day has darkened and gone
And I wake to the rest of my life
I shall think of the times and the places we saw
When we were husband and wife.

And I know I shall visit those places we loved
And walk by the fields and the sea
Where you and I spent our happiest hours 
And somehow you'll be there with me.

If I go through the woods to the top of the hill
Or run barefoot over the sand
I shall hear your voice in the wind, my love
And feel the touch of your hand.

And people who see me on my own
As they pass me on the track
Might wonder why, if I’m really alone,
I pause sometimes and look back.

To where the roadside trees are blurred
By the early evening mist;
I'll be waiting for you to catch up, my love,
From where you've stopped to rest.

And though people will find many ways to be kind
They will never understand
How I hear your voice in the sigh of the wind
And feel the touch of your hand.

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